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deals of beauty are a part of every civilization. Looking at American Culture alone, we can examine the definition of beauty changes according to what was valued or need by the culture’s view of beauty at that time. Beauty and fashion are often intertwined. It’s an art in which we create ourselves through self expression.

Photographing women gives me the opportunity to encourage them to look beyond their flaws. Women tend to focus on their imperfections; we get wrapped up in them and it consumes us. As a result, we develop insecurities. I want to help women rediscover their inner and outer beauty by making them regain a part of what has been lost or forgotten. My beauty portraits are bold, graceful, emotional, and classy. I infuse sleekness, and sophistication, in a comfortable setting to reveal my clients’ true self

My goal is to inspire women to redefine the standard of beauty as strength, character, and positive action.

“Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.” -BareMinerals